Varkey Foundation and Safe Passage UK Roundtable

In November 2016, in partnership with Safe Passage UK, the Varkey Foundation hosted a round-table on the plight of refugee children globally as extremism drove many from their homes. This was held with invited key stakeholder guests and some young Syrian refugees who had fled their country and were in the UK being looked after courtesy of various local authorities, but in some cases having difficulty accessing education. 

While on her UK visit at the time, Palestinian teacher Hanan Al Hroub, was in attendance and this was close to her heart as someone who had grown up and been educated in the Bethlehem refugee camp. 
The event was organised as a media-RSVP invite-only occasion, where journalists could attend and watch the round table discussion and afterwards film and interview participants speaking individually, bearing in mind certain restrictions regarding vulnerable minors and permission from various host local authorities and safe guarders in and around London).