Sari Lindblom

Rector, University of Helsinki

Sari Lindblom

The next stage in the degree programme reform has been among the central projects during Lindblom’s new term. Next under scrutiny is the functionality of the programmes begun in autumn 2017. Necessary adjustments will be carried out based on the experiences and results gained.

“Data on students’ progress and experiences have been continuously collected. Experiences have been positive, and studies have progressed well during the first year. We are closely monitoring the progress of students’ studies and transition from bachelor’s programmes to master’s programmes.”

Lindblom will also be working on the introduction of certificate-based admissions in 2020. Alongside certificate-based admissions, the Open University route and other admissions channels as well as MOOCs will be developed. In addition, entrance examinations are to be redesigned to require less preparation.

Sari Lindblom, DPhil, is a psychologist and professor of higher education. She served as a vice-rector of the University of Helsinki also during the previous term in 2017–2018 and as director of the Centre for University Teaching and Learning HYPE in 2004–2017.