Transformando Escuelas Summit

Transformando Escuelas Summit, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, brings together experts, representatives of civil society, teachers and authorities from Latin America to discuss leadership, trust and educational innovation. It is a proposal to meet those who are innovating and adding value to education.


• To enhance our ability to teach
• To transform our point of view through the other
• An experience that will renew your desire to learn

During the event, simultaneous activities are held: outstanding Global Teacher Prize teaching workshops, master classes, panels and debates on education issues, activities with #edtech startups and other experiences so you can live an inspiring journey to transform education.

2017 edition

• Focus on school principals and their key role in education
• 2 panels of discussion: national experiences & international perspectives, with 4 speakers from different sectors each (private, government, NGO and teacher).
• 178 attendees
• 1 ed tech start-up (Realidad 360° Argentina)
• Keynote speakers:
- Soledad Acuña, Minister of Education of the City of Buenos Aires
- Mercedes Miguel, National Secretary of Innovation and Quality in Education
- Andrés A. Alonso, professor at Harvard University (HGSE)
- Jose Weinstein, professor at Diego Portales University

2018 edition

• Focus on how education improves with trust, leadership and innovation as key insights
• 204 attendees
• 2 ed tech start-ups (Oxed, Roboticar)
• 3 panels of discussion: leadership, trust and innovation with 4 speakers from different sectors each (private, government, NGO and teacher).
• Keynote speakers:
- 14 year old Lucas Cesio
- Guillermo Jaim Etcheverry, president of the National Academy of Education
- Sebastián Verón and the principal of the school at his club
- Analía Berruezo, Education Minister of Salta
- 2 former Ministers (Atlantis members)

2019 edition

• Focus on new ways of learning, the experience of learning through innovation and technology
• 700 attendees
• 60 speakers
• Simultaneous closed activities: NGO’s and foundations; EdTech Startups and Ministers
• Keynote speakers:
- Gabriel Sánchez Zinny, Minister of Education of Buenos Aires
- Luis Guillermo Patiño, Secretary of Education of Medellin, Colombia
- Global Teacher Prize Finalists: Swaroop Rawal, Michael Wamaya & several from Latin America
- Kids: TedEd participants, Mateo Salvatto, 20 years old, founder of the Asteroid, an orchestra
- Technologies, company which promote inclusive technology in 46 countries