Latam Coalition for Excellence in Teaching

Held by the Varkey Foundation, Inicia Educación, and Interamerican Dialogue.

● Launched in Argentina on 2018
● 40 experts from 14 countries working together along two years
● Regional meetings have been held in Argentina, Dominican Republic and Colombia

The Latin American Coalition for Excellence in Teaching brings together a loose network of organizations and individuals that share the overall goal of making the teaching profession more meritocratic, and better prepared and supported. The Coalition seeks to (i) build a common agenda for change based on the best available evidence on ‘what works’ and the lessons learned from past and ongoing efforts to reform the teaching profession, (ii) coordinate an ambitious outreach and communication effort to promote that agenda among key public and private stakeholders, including a campaign to formalize official commitment to the agenda, and (iii) monitor the agenda’s implementation over time.

How we work?

We held regional and national meetings with the presence of different leaders from the 14 countries that currently make up the coalition. In these meetings we divide into working committees to discuss the axes of the Coalition Regional Agenda, published in 2019, and advance the specific objectives that we set for ourselves. The debates and dialogues that are generated are enriched by the multiplicity of actors who contribute and share both public policy experiences, as well as those of the academic field and the school environment.