Yogi, mystic and guru: Sadhguru is coming to GESF 2017

17 mars 2017 |

Sadhguru is a world-renowned yogi, visionary, author and thought-leader, and an esteemed speaker at this year’s Global Education and Skills Forum.

Dedicated to well-being, whether physical, mental or spiritual, at GESF 2017, Sadhguru will offer his unique perspective on life, reminding us that the inner sciences remain relevant today.

“Education needs inspiration, not just information. Only inspired human beings can transform their own lives and lives around them,” argues Sadhguru.

From mid morning and mid afternoon yoga activities to a Meet the Mentor session, the Global Education & Skills Forum is looking towards mindfulness to help delegates tackle the question of what makes ‘real’ global citizens.


Source: Isha Foundation

Meet the Mentor

Sadhguru will offer his insights in a Meet the Mentor session on Sunday.

Also available on website live stream, Sadhguru will give his perspective on how we find fulfilment, meaning, and spiritual well-being in the modern world.

For the last 30 years, his vision for transforming the world has taken shape through his Isha Foundation – including in education.

The Isha Vidhya project aims to make education accessible and affordable in rural areas. Students are equipped to meet the challenges of the future, and to benefit from India’s economic growth.

Isha Vidhya school bus

Source: Isha Vidhya

Now, at the Global Education & Skills Forum in 2017, Sadhguru will share what he’s learned and how the challenges the world faces can be tackled with vision and mindfulness.

Yoga sessions – At the world’s most influential education forum?

Global Education & Skills Forum delegates will have the chance to experience something a little different from the usual conference warm up (and cool down) – with two different types of yoga.

In the morning, an ancient meditation practice will help delegates focus their energy for the day ahead.

Join Antar Mouna – the Sound of Silence by Yash – literally meaning inner silence in Sanskrit. By turning their gaze inwards, participants will be taught to understand their mind, and how to bring it under control. By turning inwards, if only briefly, we can maintain awareness of our internal environment, thoughts and emotions.

In the afternoon, delegates can rest their minds and refresh their bodies with Yoga Nidra.

The Global Education and Skills Forum takes place on 18th and 19th March 2017 in Dubai, UAE, with the theme of “How do we make ‘real’ global citizens?” Yoga sessions will run by the Pool and delegates don’t need any special clothing or equipment to attend.

Sadhguru Vasudev