Who’s coming to GESF 2017?

08 févr. 2017 |

From Australia’s first female Prime Minister to a bestselling Indian yogi, once again the Global Education and Skills Forum is welcoming the diverse and insightful best from the world of public, private and social sectors.

An initiative of the Varkey Foundation, the Global Education and Skills Forum is an essential platform for collaboration and problem solving – taking ‘how it should be’ forward into innovative, multi-stakeholder ‘how do we get there?’ And it will be no different in 2017, with speakers from across the globe bringing specialist backgrounds, knowledge and solutions to help achieve education, equity and employment for all.

A gathering of diverse thinkers and leaders

Through innovative conference sessions such as The Debate Chamber, Policy Pitch and Teacher Masterclasses, here is a snapshot of just three of the people we’ll be hearing from.

Professor Fernando Reimers

Professor Reimers is a world-renowned expert in global education. He is the Director of the Harvard Global Education Innovation Initiative, and his work focuses on developing 21st Century skills – necessary for ‘real’ global citizens to succeed.

VAR005GTPB07-fernando reimers photo

Yuhyun Park

Yuhyun Park Founder and Chief Citizenship Officer of the DQ Institute. Project DQ aims to raise public awareness of issues surrounding children’s use of technology. The project aims to give our children the skills to thrive in a borderless digital world, helping them deal with the demands and challenges.

VAR005GTPB07-yuhyun park photo

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard was Australia’s first female Prime Minister and is now Chair of the Board of Directors of the Global Partnership for Education. Her time as Prime Minister saw widespread reform to Australian education.

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Other speakers include Jim Ryan, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Wendy Kopp, the CEO and Co-founder of Teach for all, and Esteban Bullrich, the Minister of Education and Sport in Argentina.

You can view a full list of speakers here.

The Global Education and Skills Forum will take place on 18th and 19th March 2017 in Dubai, UAE, with the theme of “How do we make ‘real’ global citizens?”