Global Teacher Prize Ambassador Summits

The Varkey Foundation have hosted a large number of summits dedicated to bringing together our Global Teacher Prize finalists and teachers from across the world.

In a world consumed with education events and with teachers being featured but rarely leading the conversation, the summits have been designed to put teachers at the forefront to ensure we provide them the platform to share ideas, resources and concerns and for them to engage with policy makers to ensure their voices are heard.

Upcoming online summits include:

- European Teacher Summit
- Africa Teacher Summit
- Middle East Teacher Summit
- North America Teacher Summit
- Latam Teacher Summit
- Asia-Pacific Teacher Summit

The online summits will be led by our Global Teacher Prize finalists and will include the following topics: Crisis Learning, Distance Learning, Online Learning, Tips for Parents and Teachers.

Past event highlights included:

COVID-19: TEACHERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! – a virtual summit giving teachers everywhere a voice at the top table

The Varkey Foundation launched a virtual summit for the global teaching community on coronavirus and the future of education. The summit involved not just our Global Teacher Prize Ambassadors, but their colleagues and peers from their communities – teachers who have never had their voice heard by those who will shape the future of education during and post COVID-19, but who have every bit as much to contribute from their daily work keeping students learning in these unprecedented times. The summit gave hundreds of teachers from every corner of the world a voice at the top table for the first time.

Following the summit, we launched nine teacher task forces to take forward each of our nine global calls to action – from expanding internet access to securing free nutritious meals – agreed following the Global Teacher Prize Ambassadors Summit in May. These nine groups will be coordinated under UNESCO’s Global Teacher Task Force and they will lend governments and international bodies the expertise and varied perspectives of teachers from every corner of the world. Their combined knowledge and experience of tackling a multitude of novel educational challenges will help the international community answer the key questions that will shape the future of education in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our 9 thematic areas for discussion:
1. A safe environment for teachers and pupils
2. No education cuts
3. Lost school days should not turn into a lost generation
4. Training to teach online
5. Training to safeguard children online
6. Nutritious free meals
7. Reliable internet access for all
8. Fasttrack EdTech strategies
9. Solutions to provide quality remote learning where there's no internet

Global Teacher Prize Ambassador Summit
The Varkey Foundation have hosted an annual summit for all Global Teacher Prize finalists during the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai. The event bought together hundreds of finalists over the years to discuss: influencing education policy, using the power of social media, girls education, funding, solutions to regional problems, UN SDGs etc.

Regional Summits
Over the years we have been hosting regional and summits for our Global Teacher Prize Ambassadors. The summits have allowed them to engage with one another and discuss key topics specific to their subject areas and communities. We have continued to host our summits in host countries or online and have held regional summits across: Europe, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, North America and Asia Pacific. Recent topics have included: Crisis Learning; Distance Learning; Online Learning and Tips for Parents and Teachers.

Latin America Summits:
Since 2017, the Varkey Foundation have annually hosted the GTPA Latam Summit. The summit consists of 2-3 days on-site meetings where the main focus is to further the debate and knowledge-base on key issues affecting education in Latin America; promote relationships with key players and stakeholders of the country and generate new projects. The community is made up of 30 teachers from 10 countries across Latin America: Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Venezuela. They are all finalists of the Global Teacher Prize.