10 tips for parents to ensure their children’s prosperity in 2030 and beyond

03 mar. 2018 |

All parents want their children to be successful in life. And all teachers want the same for their learners. Read on as the Varkey Teacher Ambassadors (finalists of the Global Teacher Prize) share their tips for how to ensure your child is prepared for the world of 2030 and beyond.

  1. Support their self-confidence and self-esteem
  2. Give them courage to try and take risks to chance of failure
  3. Take care of their overall wellbeing such as rest, sleep and healthy nutrition
  4. Help them to build strong relationships with older people
  5. Open communication between your family and your child’s teachers
  6. Deschedule their lifeto so they learn to self-manage
  7. Develop a sense of wonder and curiosity of the world around them
  8. Celebrate diversity in all forms
  9. Develop their creativity and any form of artisitic expression
  10. Expose them to technology but help them know when it is time to switch off
  11. Get out into nature at every opportunity

This article was written by Varkey Teacher Ambassadors.

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